Interview with Markus Åkesson and Žygimantas Augustinas
Žygimantas Augustinas,
Anthropometric Portrait of King Sigismund Augustas (by Ž. Augustinas),  2015

Žygimantas Augustinas, Anthropometric Portrait of King Sigismund Augustas (by Ž. Augustinas), 2015

Why do you paint?

Markus Åkesson: The need for expression is something that lies deep within the human essence. I find it interesting to work in classical techniques, to bring craftmanship and narrative together. Painting is like meditation for me, I become consumed by the work and it is highly addictive.

Žygimantas Augustinas: So I won‘t have to do anything else.

Where do you find motives and ideas for your works?

M. Å.: I paint what I see. I look at my immediate surrounding and the people in it and I see scenes, sub contexts, like a hidden layer. Maybe, a dream layer.

Ž. A.: I usually find them in my head and they come here from various sources. Sometimes i just find something in the mirror or photos, sometimes in my surroundings or books.

Žygimantas, can painting act as a research method?

Ž. A. Maybe. It is a very old research method of the human psyche and environment.

Markus, does fairytale-like atmosphere in your paintings work as a method of specific research?

M. Å.: I stopped thinking about my work in that way some years ago, it took too much energy. Nowadays, I almost never think about what I paint. I just find something interesting through intuition and do it. There are many people who are better suited that I am to write about and contextualize the work, so I usually let them do it instead.

Marcus, are photorealist images more provocative than expressionist ones?

M. Å. It can be, yes.

How important is the exhibition space for exhibiting your works?

M. Å.: It´s always important, but it doesn´t have to look a certain way. The white cube is fine with me but a collectors home, as well as some galleries, is more personal and is fascinating in the sence that they reflect the mind of the owner.

Ž. A.: Considering the circumstances, the space is very important to me in both physical and psychological way.

What is the value in participating in exhibition, reviewing the current situation of painting?

M. Å.: I am very honoured to be a part of this exhibition, and it is very interesting to try to understand the curators idea and concept.

Ž. A.: I don‘t know about exhibitions, reviewing the current situation of painting. I‘ve heard the name, but  I never understood what are they reviewing and if it‘s possible to rewiev art. Probably every exhibition is valuable, while quantity and quality of the value depends on the exhibition organiser.




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